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Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Tourbillon Watch Watch Releases

The second watch from newer high-end brand Antoine Martin is the Tourbillon Quantieme Perpetual. It basically takes everything you (may) have liked about the Perpetual Calendar from last year and includes a tourbillon. The new layout of the dial also suggested a regulator style display of time. What is cool about the Tourbillon Quantieme Perpetual? Well it isn't boring, the movement is really complicated and made by Martin Braun, and it is has a super-sized flying tourbillon. Horogasm! I talked about it first here on Centurion.

A feature on the date adjustment that you'll appreciate is the ability to adjust the date both backwards and forwards. Trust me - this is a good thing. The dual time feature is indicated via a window that shows the time in 24 hour format. This is the same as a GMT function, but it uses a disc versus GMT hand to indicate the second timezone. When you adjust the time via the crown, both times change. The trick is in the two pushers on the left side of the case - these are used to change the local time (main dial) both forward and back in time. The result is an easy to read, easy to adjust GMT watch for traveling. The pushers even have handy plus and minus symbols on them. The ability to move the date and time zone in both directions shows a dedication to the user experience that is actually a bit rare in this industry.

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Shelby partnered with David Yurman for a special limited edition version of their Revolution sport watch called the David Yurman Revolution Shelby 1000 Limited Edition. Actually there are two versions of the watch. One is strictly limited, and the other will have a "limited production." The cool watch gracefully embodies the spirit of the Cobra and the famous sport's marque. Other brands such as MARCH LA.B have worked with Shelby before. This one however is specially made for the Shelby 1000 and the 50th anniversary of the car maker. At the same time it can live alone as a cool Shelby Cobra themed chronograph.


  • Steel or 18 ct rose gold
  • Total diameter                                                                   42.40 mm
  • Thickness                                                                         14.87 mm
  • Water resistance                                                                50 metres
  • Steel or 18ct rose gold crown with Mille Miglia arrow logo
  • Steel and rubber or 18ct rose gold pushers
  • Glareproofed sapphire crystal with integrated magnifying glass and transferred black 6 and 12 o’clock markings
  • Closed and circular-grained back with 1000 Miglia arrow

While the iPhone 5 might resemble the shape of a candy bar, it employs a series of graceful curves and rounded edges. The mastery of the design was in combing the technical look of a sophisticated modern gadget with an item that does not clash with the organic look of the human body. Use of organic curves in products meant to be held and seen on one's person is an extremely effective way to help something feel warmer and less alien. It is difficult to find harsh edges on the iPhone, and it does not look or feel unnatural when in one's palm. Likewise, high-end watches have employed the same design concept for years - creating wearable tools that do not disrupt the natural rhythmic curves of our organic bodies.

The best timing tool on Rolex Yachtmaster Watch black plate

The same goes for women. I don't care if you are the type of woman who only likes to wear elegant formal watches on dainty bracelets, you can pull off a feminine Casio Baby-G as well. I didn't always believe that, until I saw women of all looks and ages wearing fun sporty Baby-G watches and looking good in the process. You don't need to like every model, but there should be at least a few good ones out there for you.

One minor drawback is the crystal, it's Plexiglass with a 'SICRALAN' coating process to harden it a bit. Then again, this is a pure dress watch and expecting sport watch durability is silly. [Ed. note: is it really Paul?]

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Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph Watch In White Hands-On

Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph Watch In White Hands-On

OMEGA Speedmaster Mark III

Cool engraving of an articulated diving suit on the back. Yep, this is number two; number one is currently on the wrist of Peter Helson.

Producing an in-house movement was not just for show but also practical given how the caliber SHC03 movement in the Chapter Three operates. The use of the rollers as well as the opening and closing dial required a special mechanism to power the entire system. The Chapter Three is meant to be a sort of travel watch. The overall idea is to offer a dual time zone watch that is both easy to use and be discreet if you want to see the time elsewhere or simply have the watch look like a single time zone indicating timepiece.

11. Zenith Pilot Doublematic Watch

The best timing tool on Rolex Yachtmaster Watch black plate

The second quirk of the 7751 is the empty right side of the dial. The layout of the dial is almost lopsided, with everything on the center and on the left of the dial. I don't claim to understand this, but I have a feeling that the movement designers just couldn't put anything there and it was later saved as "logo space." The trick for watch designers is to occupy the empty right-side of the dial in a way that balances it out. Ernst Benz does this as best they can, supplementing their text logo with the graphical logo and two extra lines of text. Again, it is about as good as you can expect. One element that does help the dial look balanced is the used of full applied Arabic hour numerals. These are further filled with SuperLumiNova and help keep things in order. They also really improve legibility along with the properly sized retro aviator style hands (also filled with lume). Other appreciated dial details include the rings around the subsidary seconds dials and the snailing texture therein.

Cartier Astrotourbillon Carbon Crystal Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Sarpaneva Korona K0 Ruler Of Water Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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The Cartier Astrotourbillon (hands-on here) originally came out about two years ago. The super cool watch had an in-house Cartier made movement that was a re-think of the traditional tourbillon escapement. The "astrotourbillon" - as they called it - was an escapement mechanism that spun around the periphery of the dial as a running seconds indicator, just like a hand. Personally, I instantly fell in love with the concept when seeing it in action for the first time at SIHH. Last year Cartier released a Calibre de Cartier Astrotourbillon (hands-on) version of the watch in the Calibre style case. That same case style by the way is what Cartier used for the ID Two.

Everest Strap in the Wild

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Cartier Santos 100 Ref. W2020009 Watch Review Watch Releases

Inside the watch is an ETA 2671 automatic movement. This is a small diameter automatic which allows enough space for the traditional music box components. Resonance is an issue in watches like this but the drum and pin set up can be remarkably loud, so I expect that the Boegli Grand Opera has a nice sound to it. The 17 note system plays a melody from Mozart's The Magic Flute. I think something from Led Zeppelin would be cool as well. Boegli will produce only 99 pieces of the Grand Opera watch, which comes with a relatively sober price tag of 3,800-4,200 Swiss Francs.

A Reader's Speedmaster Mark 4.5 in New Old Stock Condition

Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500m Ceramic Watch Watch Releases

LUM-TEC V Series V3 Phantom Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The six color versions are truly a stroke of marketing genius as applied to timepieces. You see, the 1:Face watch ("changing the world 1:Face at a time.") isn't about just one charity, but six. The charity you want to benefit depends on the color you buy. Pink goes to breast cancer, red goes to AIDS, yellow goes to water, and so forth. 1:Face of course doesn't run it themselves, but rather gives a portion of each sale to a list of existing charities such, and The list of these actual charitable organizations are offered in an amusingly small font at the bottom of the 1:Face website. What I find interesting is that in companies such as this, there is virtually no accountability when it comes to the stated charitable cause. It is extremely rare for them to get audited by consumers to prove that monies are actually going to the charitable purpose mentioned. I am not suggesting that 1:Face is like that, but merely that the brand belongs to a huge category of companies attempting to market their goods from a "good cause" angle. Charity is big friggin' business these days. What amuses me the most are the salesy promoter types I have met who appear to be the biggest supporters of philanthropic missions. In the US alone the business of raising money for "charitable purposes" is worth billions. Consumers more often than not have no idea where their money is going. By the way, an excellent source for choosing charities, seeing where their money is going, and overall audits is, as well as