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The movement of the watch is a Swiss made  automatic ETA 2789. I don't know much about this rare movement, but Guer Man gives it a nice personalized rotor and uses various types of gold and steel in the movement. I wonder if the movement is particularly accurate given the large size of the balance wheel. The watches will also be as part of a limited edition. By the looks of it, no more than 100 pieces. Also on the dial, is a large "quality" ruby set at 12 o'clock. No matter how cliche it is, nice jewels on a watch face are always appreciated. Know what I mean? In addition to many other details, pricing is still a bit of a mystery as this point. I imagine it will be quite optimistic, as "art" watches tend to have that "designer premium" place on then. As they deserve is someone is moved enough emotionally by the look. Oh, and you can be sure that every watch box for the Trace is going to be different as you can't find these natural looking logs that look the same. More information and their website up in September.

Bathys Benthic Ti Watch Collection Watch Releases

Magrette Regattare Moana Pacific Limited Edition Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

OMEGA's Speedmaster Mark 4.5

Orbita Sparta 1 Mini Watch Winder Review Luxury Items

For me, the M103 watch is a good all-around timepiece, with a price of ,400. With a good mix of sport and formal style, you can wear the watch with jeans, shorts, suit, or a black leather jacket. I feel that the watch exudes a sense of practicality and being functionally minded. Its non pretentious, and genuine.  A watch like this makes you approachable, and also communicates that you are tasteful and enjoy nice things in life. I personally like the watch a lot and certainly enjoy wearing it.

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Magrette Moana Pacific Diver Watch

Magrette Moana Pacific Diver Watch

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Over 1000 Articles – Well-Earned

Over 1000 Articles – Well-Earned

It really looked like the Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk version of the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch, and that idea made sense to me given what the Spacewalk was about. After waiting too long, I asked to see his watch. He didn't think much of it and handed it to me. I, and the other journalists there got really excited about what turned out to be the Seiko Izul. The watch is of course based on the Spacewalk design (but without a GMT hand), and actually had a few versions when it came out in 2007. A few watch lovers out there know about this Japan only watch from 2007, but I was happy to learn that it was a commercial release, and sad to learn that it is no longer being made. Price for the Izul watches was about 5,000 euros, which was better than the ,000 for the upcoming Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk commemorative edition watches.

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If you aren't familiar with this watch, it will take a while to explain. Being the first "Christophe Claret" branded watch to come out of the genius' watch shop, Christophe felt the need to sacrifice nothing when making his half million dollar wonder watch. It needed to epitomize the technological sophistication the Claret shop watch capable of, as well as giving the luxury watch loving world something totally different. The watch shows the time on two rubber belts. Has a monopusher chronograph, a flying tourbillon, and a hammer and gong that chimes each time you press the chronograph pusher. While these are the function, the construction, complexity of the movement, and over all design are "other worldly." I've never see anything like this. Claret is also known for making movement for brands such as Jean Dunand and Maitres du Temps. If you want to have an impressive 0,000 plus watch, Claret is the man to go to.


  • Aerospace Grade Titanium case
  • ETA2824-2 Automatic movement
  • 44mm diameter
  • 49mm diameter with crown
  • 14mm thick
  • 54mm lugs to lugs
  • 500m Water resistant with automatic helium valve release
  • Domed sapphire crystal with anti reflective inside
  • Drilled through lugs with screw-in tube

True Story About The New Speedmaster Racing

In addition the other metals, each case has a lot of titanium in it. Likely all the PVD black coated material that you see on the case and bracelet. The cases actually are available in two sizes, either 50mm or 44mm wide. Depending on how big you want to go. The dial are functional and attractive. Nothing out of this world, but a bit more exciting looking than your average aviator inspired watch dial. The guilloche engraving on the dial steps the novelty up a notch. Avenir Chrono is beginning to remind me of a higher-end version of Formex actually, with a jewelry store twist. Pricing for the steel versions start at about ,500. Steep, but not ludicrous for a Swiss chronograph watch of limited production. Go to platinum and the prices jump to about ,000. Get some diamonds involved on one of the "Black Snow" models and you are looking at prices from between ,000 - 0,000. Now you have more ammo in your watch knowledge weapon when trying to figure out what the next urban music star you see is wearing.

Orbita Sparta 1 Tesla Watch Winder Review

Orbita Sparta 1 Tesla Watch Winder Review

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Chéca Is Melty Face Watch Watch Releases

This is another cool DLC coated watch. It is one of their diver watches and is the Ball Engineer Master II Diver GMT watch. The dial is black with gold tones  - and lots of gas tubes! There is a large internal rotating bezel and the central dial is for the GMT hand. The case is 42mm wide and comfortable on your wrist with the textured rubber strap. If you don't like the gold face, there is also a white on black version available. A true diver with 300 meters of water resistance and again an automatic movement. Price for this new model is about ,500.

No Damage with Rubber Straps

A lot went in to the durability of the watch. The case is 1000 meters water resistant, has shock protection, and is antimagnetic. The case also has a built-in helium escape valve. The sapphire crystal is domed a bit and 3mm thick. You have an overall very capable design, plus some unique little cues. Take for example the special caseback screw - shaped like the Kazimon logo, the tool shaped like a propeller fits into the back of the watch if you need to remove the case back and access the Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement.

Swatch Automatic Chrono Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Maitres du Temps Watch Maker Family Together, Going Over Chapter Two Watch

Maitres du Temps Watch Maker Family Together, Going Over Chapter Two Watch

Omega Speedmaster Pro DLC

Now, I mentioned earlier that this Futura winder is hard to find, if at all. The reason has to do with why this winder even exists. It was originally made as a partnership between Orbita and watch maker Jacob & Co. US based Jacob & Co. wanted to provide a watch winder with its new automatic movement -based watch (they aren't all quartz), and this Futura watch winder was the result. My understanding is that the winders were limited in production (not sure if they are still made at this time) and were made to be provided with the Jacob & Co. watches. If you are interested in getting a unit like this, I imagine the price would be somewhere between the Futura 1 and the Tourbillon 1. You'd have to contact Orbita to see if they have any available.

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Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk Limited Edition Watch To be Auctioned Off Sales & Auctions

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What's most interesting about the Dior Christal Mysterieuse is that the electro-mechanical movement is always in motion. Featuring a total of six sapphire discs - the Quinting manufacture is composed of three fixed plates and three mobile discs rotate to indicate the days, hours and minutes. This mechanism allows the dial façade to perpetually rotate, returning to its initial position only once a month.

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Sometimes you just want a good reptile skinned watch, but they can be so hard to find. Why? Well us Americans get kind of bent out of shape about it. Yes, I am all for Animal rights. Frankly I would put Animals above humans in many regards, but when it comes to animals that are raised, just to be killed for their "parts," sure it is cruel, but it is not really damaging to the environment. It would be different if you had guys going out into the jungle to kill pythons just for their skin. That would be bad, really bad. But when you farm the creatures for it? Well then if you are against that, then you are against eating chickens (cause they are raised just to be killed too).  I am now expecting a slew of angry e-mails and comments. Proceed please, I did put myself out there with the "I love sweet, sweet animal skins" commentary.