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For a mass-produced product, the Apple Watch is excellent. While it isn't hand-polished, nor does it have complicated surfaces like those seen on a Swiss timepiece, it is an amazing achievement, not just for Apple, but for the tech industry overall. I've never had what is essentially a high-volume, high-end gadget that felt so good in my hands. The sad thing is that most Apple Watch wearers will not be "watch people," so they really won't have too much to compare it with.

Many years later, after launching analog/shift, I was contacted by a man in California who had found a DOXA that had been sitting in his desk drawer since the mid 1970s. He had found my name through an article by Christie's I had been quoted in about DOXA divers, and he reached out to me for some more information on his watch. It turned out he had been gifted the watch by his father, who bought it new from a dive shop in Florida in 1968.

James Bond 007 Spectre Movie Gets First Watch: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra > 15,007 Gauss Watch Releases

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Titoni is a Swiss watch brand I don't normally see featured outside of Switzerland. At least not here in the US that often. They are among the many more affordable brands that have actual histories but have decided not to ascend the steep luxury ladder into the serious lifestyle arena that defines many of the Swiss brands that we cover.

On Wednesday, December 3, “It’s About TIME” Get-Togethers for Watch Enthusiasts will conclude its triumphant debut season with a gala reception for South Florida timepiece connoisseurs. "It's About TIME" (IAT) is rolling out the red carpet for its home town crowd, and Ft. Lauderdale watch enthusiasts are guaranteed to experience “Close Encounters of the Swiss kind.” 2014 get-togethers in Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles have set the stage for an IAT grand finale.

December 3rd, 2014 6:00-8:30pm
Grille 401 Las Olas
401 E. Las Olas Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (or visit site to RSVP)

Watch Winner Announced: Torgoen T32 Automatic Giveaways

In other words, it would be safe to say that the watch industry has taken inspiration from other industries rather than the other way around. Just think about the car making, aviation, diving, sailing, or science-fiction inspired watches that are out there, and compare those to the number of items which were inspired by watch designs. It makes for an interesting – and rather tough - question, right?

The automatic works may be a reasonably simple complication, but they do still add extra components to a watch movement. These extra components add extra friction to the equation and the right balance of oils need to be applied to reduce this. But, however much you reduce this friction, some of it will always remain. A basic mechanical watch movement is a thing of beauty, that achieves its goal with minimal parts and minimal fuss. As soon as you start adding in extra parts then you add in extra areas where things can go wrong and extra areas of friction.

Daniels was a watchmaker – considered by many to be the first – who has mastered 32 from the 34 crafts which are required to manufacture a hand-made timepiece. Therefore, it is of no surprise that the dials, hands, indices, and the 40 millimeter wide yellow gold case all are components he could create – but what speaks louder than any of these achievements is, of course, the movement. In 1975, Daniels created the co-axial escapement, arguably the first new escapement design in over 200 years that could be commercialized – as done by Omega.

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That may be because Blacc (whose birth name is actually Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins III) chose to align himself with one of horology’s most respected names in fine Swiss watchmaking: IWC. An IWC timepiece isn’t a mere status symbol, but a statement of refinement; if you choose an IWC for your wrist, it’s not a default fashion choice, but the expression of a true manufacture. Instead, an IWC watch speaks to a certain seriousness of character, an insistence on quality and innovation; there’s a certain classicism that runs through their halo models like the Portuguese and Ingenieur ranges, and the brand’s beloved pilot watches. IWC has had its ups and downs, and various successes and failures over the years; watch nerds like to endlessly debate their most and least favorite eras in IWC’s existence.

Necessary Data
>Brand:  Torgoen
>Model: T32 (ref.  T32103)
>Price: 0
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes, but I'd have to change out the strap pretty early on.
>Friend we'd recommend it to first:  While this is a good one for aviator watch folks, I think it would be a good one for the collector who is into movements, and wants to pick up a Valanvron.
>Best characteristic of watch: The clean layout combined with a very strong lume showing.
>Worst characteristic of watch: The squeaky strap, for sure.

Samsung Gear S Introduces Curved Screens To Smartwatches

Samsung Gear S Introduces Curved Screens To Smartwatches

I feel like I need to wear one of those shiny blazers to really pull of this watch. Outside of performers in Las Vegas, who can get away with wearing those? Good thing that the Hublot Big Bang Unico is designed with quick release straps which can be changed with something a bit more demure. Still, I am sure a lot of people who get one of these watches will make good mileage out of the shown silver or gold tone straps. Hublot actually includes three strap choices with each Hublot Big Bang Unico World Poker Tour watch - which also includes a black and red strap with each version.

Saying this, we have also noticed that mechanical watches without automatic rotors can be more stable with their timekeeping, and it got us thinking for reasons why this may be. To pinpoint reasons to consider, we will look at the parts of an automatic watch movement that a basic mechanical watch does not have.

Currently the most popular lineup from Citizen stems from their Eco-Drive watches which use a solar cell on the dial to charge a battery and fuel an accurate quartz movement. The great part about this technology is that watch can be powered by any light, solar, home light, and so on, and the battery is typically rated and guaranteed for a the lifetime of the watch. This makes for an accurate watch that requires very low maintenance.

The Christopher Ward C60 Trident COSC is not the only mechanical in the new lineup, though. We also have the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 600 driven by either an ETA 2824-2 or Sellita SW200-1 and the Christopher Ward C60 Trident GMT 600, which is powered by an ETA 2893-2. Here, we have the same 42mm case we saw on the COSC, but there is also a smaller 38mm case available. It is interesting to note that you can tell the mechanical models apart from the quartz ones very easily, by the indices on the dial. The quartz keeps the circular pips we saw on the "v1" Trident, while the new mechanicals have slender stick indices around the dial. The Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro starts at 5, while the GMT starts off at 00.

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Westime: A wide range! Oversize luxury sports watches are very popular, as well as more conservative, traditional styles. And of course, we attract collectors who are looking for really unusual timepieces they haven’t seen anywhere else before, and even from watchmakers they haven’t heard of yet.

Buying Watches In Los Angeles, California: Westime Watch Stores
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In their nearly three-year association, Blacc and IWC have found numerous synergies in their mutually beneficial relationship. In fact, Blacc wrote his biggest hit “Wake Me Up” as a direct result of his association with IWC, inspired by a 2012 trip to Geneva as IWC’s guest to experience the annual Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie. Intriguingly, Blacc’s initial interest in IWC stemmed from the watch company’s commitment to socially and ecologically conscious altruism in its products and practices. In a candid exclusive conversation with aBlogToWatch - graciously hosted in the elegant confines of IWC's Beverly Hills flagship boutique - Blacc details how he became a brand ambassador for one of watchdom’s most prestigious marques, and the effect it’s had on him – as not just a lover of elite watchmaking, but also as an artist, philanthropist, and global citizen. And oh yeah, we get to see his totally awesome collection of cream-of-the-crop IWC models… Read on, friends.

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aBlogtoWatch: What's surprising, I think, to a first-time visitor to Jackmond is your pricing. One can encounter a lot of gouging and inflation in the vintage world. On the other hand, your prices aren't low, but they're fair.


Nomos Ahoi Sport Watches Compared Hands-On
The Nomos Ahoi Datum (left) shown next to the thinner Tangente 38mm.
Nomos Ahoi Sport Watches Compared Hands-On
Another view of the Tangente 38 (left) and the Nomos Ahoi Datum (right). The Nomos Ahoi model is approximately 4mm thicker.

Having said that, the future of the connected wrist watch is about so much more than reading the time. Apple and its competitors are clearly dedicating huge amounts of resources into trying to discover what other features will best resonate with consumers. Still, the Apple Watch is very much about simply being able to glance at it and read the time – in a way that is both convenient and useful - just like a "real watch." In that regard, the Apple Watch doesn't try to reinvent the concept of a "wrist wearable" but begins with the concept of a traditional watch and develops it from there by adding functionality and connectivity. At its heart, I truly feel that the Apple Watch began life as just that... a watch. I don't necessarily feel that way for many of the currently available competitive products.

Source: aBlogtoWatch

Inside the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari USA 60th Anniversary watch is the Hublot in-house produced UNICO caliber 1241 automatic chronograph movement, a movement I personally like a lot from an aesthetic standpoint. It really nicely mixes the look of a traditional mechanical movement with a modern touch that includes the design of the bridges, the openwork, and the finishing. Even as a modern design, the finishing does not appear to be too industrial or spartan. Of course, the Ferrari prancing horse logo is on the dial of the watch. The "Ferrari" name is only printed on the side of the watch (chronograph pusher) and the caseback.

On the wrist, the OWC MilSub MS-5517 is remarkably comfortable despite its heft. The solid 316L steel case and bracelet aren't at all light. Even though the case is just 40mm wide, it wears a bit large given the case thickness and the size of the bracelet. With 300 meters of water resistance (OWC says that each watch is individually tested), the steel case very solid. It even has a unique construction with a caseback that is secured by six torx screws, versus a more traditional screw-down caseback that you find on most diving watches. The caseback is rather flat which helps with comfort a lot.

The minute repeater activator lever is "hidden" on the case as the left lateral insert. Slide it up, and you'll "covertly" activate the minute repeater. The movement also features the time as well as a 60 second tourbillon. The Classic Fusion Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater Carbon watch doesn't have the most legible dial in the world, but it does have an actual ring of hour markers - which you don't always get with dials which are just the movement.

The Swatch Sistem51 movement is produced from just 51 parts and is said to be fully automated in its assembly - a feat that ended up proving to be very complicated for Swatch. Using metal and plastic components, the Sistem51 movement isn't designed to be taken apart and put back together like most mechanical movements out there. The Sistem51 operates at 3Hz and has a rather long power reserve of about 90 hours.

Often replicated but never really well copied is the well-regarded Omega Seamaster 300M bracelet. Omega originally designed it as a more chunky dive-style version of the Speedmaster Professional bracelet, and it continues to have its charms. It also happens to be quite comfortable. Having said that, the Seamaster 300M Chronograph GMT C-Axial is also the type of watch that can look really good on a rubber strap.