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But make sure you buy a good watch - take great care of it - and appreciate what has gone into it, and what you will experience wearing it. Hold it close - when you take it off, it is ceremonial - remember what happened while wearing it... This reverence reinvents your passion for the watch just as when you first bought it - the more you wear it, the more it becomes a part of you.

Watch Talk with David Pittsinger : Opera Singer - Broadway Star - Watch Collector ABTW Interviews
Pittsinger's Omega Planet Ocean

Nod to Luxury Insider.

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Molly is a veteran of the watch industry  - an experience that gives her a special insight and perspective on how to view and discuss the nicer things in life (that you can buy). Starting with bridal wear and the jewelry, she ended up working with luxury watches, until recently - but the passion and interest remains. It doesn't hurt that she is quite opinionated and energetic as well. You can be sure that she'll be honest with her thoughts but come at concepts with a tasteful and discerning eye. While Molly is going to be focusing women's watches, she will also be writing some very interesting articles on watch industry trends as well as advertising, and men's watches from a female standpoint. She will at least for myself, be answering that questions I frequently have; "well I like this watch, but would a woman find it flattering?"

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It feels like it has been a while since we have seen something totally new from Xemex. The last few years saw increasingly up-market timepieces from Xemex as the Swiss watch market kept getting stronger. We all know what happened recently and this new Concept One Chronograph watch is going to be quite reasonably priced. It does beg the question if Xemex’s Ruedi Kulling decided somewhere in the design process that an up-market watch would not have as much market appeal these days, and decides to place a quartz movement inside instead of a mechanical movement. Who knows, but it is a good speculation.

The particular model show's full title is Atelier DeMonaco Carree d'Or Black Pearl Grand Tourbillon XP watch, but you can just call it the Carree d'Or, or Black Pearl for short (Europeans and their titles...). Grand Tourbillon XP refers to the movement, which is really interesting. The tourbillon cage is perfectly balanced and features a titanium inner frame. The tourbillon bridge is transparent and is a sapphire crystal. Thus creating the floating movement look. The movement also has a silicuim escape wheel and lever. The movement is almost entirely visible, and you can see right through the watch via the lower part of the face. The dial of the watch features faceted gold indexes, while the dial is made of mother of pearl and onyx. Of course the movement is also an automatic which is nice. Overall, just a great looking movement.

The Rise of the Omega Speedmaster Reduced

To keep more of a haute horlogerie theme - I also like the Breguet Reine de Naples. Remember, this is replacing a diamond ring, after all. The natural Mother of Pearl dial is luminous - and with the hand appliqued fancy Breguet numerals, and pear shaped diamond at 6 o'clock, the little details on the dial face will keep her gazing and loving for years to come. The 117 diamond set upon the bezel, at approximately .99 cttw, are just an added bonus. Elegantly finished, this watch, to me, speaks much more of love than a simple diamond ring.

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Breguet Reine De Naples

These aren't quite on par with European tourbillon movements in terms of performance, construction, or accuracy, but they are much cheaper. The SG3824 (without the moon phase) is ,600.00 and the SG3826 moon phase is ,999.00. These aren't cheap prices by any means, but you can't get a European tourbillon based movement watch for under ,000 (average price of ,000 - 0,000). Like I said earlier, 70% of the quality for 30% of the price (or some other ratio that communicates the same idea). Having said that, the designs aren't half bad. There is unmistakable Asian art and architectural influence in the designs of the two watches, especially in the face and case construction. Looking closely at the watches you can't tell that things are not quite as finely milled or cut as in European watches, but it is pretty good. It will take a while - if it happens at all - for Chinese and other Asian high-end watches to catch up with European watch making standards that have been set for decades, though this is a good step in that direction.

Other brands should look to them as an example that works...

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Watch Talk with David Pittsinger : Opera Singer – Broadway Star – Watch Collector

Watch Talk with David Pittsinger : Opera Singer – Broadway Star – Watch Collector

The pink painted Hello Kitty Icon and hour indicators help to keep this watch easygoing and cool. Paired with the diamonds, I do not think you can have a bad day while wearing this watch. How could you? Hello Kitty is leaning back, smiling, relaxing. And so will you be, rocking this.

Russel Crowe wears an Omega Speedmaster in 'The Nice Guys'

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In one's hand and after dealing directly with the company, it travels beyond my expectations.

JamesList never fails to impress with me with interesting and appealing watches. My latest find is this Jackie Chan Limited Edition IWC Portuguese Chrono Automatic watch - really nice. Here is the background: so Mr. Chan has a charity called "the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation" (clever name I know). And this watch was part of an effort to raise money, through sales most likely. I honestly don't know the exact connection with the foundation and the watch, but THERE IS a connection. How do I know? A little detective work here; it says "For the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation" on the caseback of the watch. I know, I am clever. Also on the back of the watch is a hybrid symbol for the Chinese character for Dragon, with the name "Jackie" in it, in English.

Omega Speedmaster '57 Caliber 9300 Reader's Contribution

Yes, the size is big, but I like that in a watch like this. Again, I have smallish wrists and I think the watch looks fine. Ernst Benz doesn't really make small watches, so this is average for them. I'll tell you that it fits comfortably. The black alligator leather strap has that cool contrast stitching that works well, and calf leather and aviator leather straps are also available. You can also get the watch with a metal bracelet that looks pretty cool. Of course the crystal is sapphire (with double AR coating), and there is also a sapphire crystal over the caseback exhibition window.

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Romain Jerome, come on? I know this watch is intended to be a limited edition of only nine pieces, but what does it mean?' And not just that, but how is it gonna be made? A watch designer friend pointed out that the minute tiny details on the face (like the skeletons) would be virtually impossible to produce - at least with any integrity. This is a weird and delicate watch. Let's assume for a moment that you have a special way of manufacturing it such that it will hold together, fine - then how to you still explain what it all means? The Moon Dust DNA collection, while controversial, it is a line of watches that I can stand behind. Interesting ideas and good marketing, and a unique style to say the least. I don't tire too easily of the "sputnik antenna" -shaped hands, or the moon surface -inspired dial (with real moon particles as you continually point out). Now you bring an oddly named watch with gears and skeletons put into the dial like the apocalyptic result of a steampunk-inspired future.