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The next step up is the Citizen Campanola versions of the Astrodea which are the Cosmosign watches (which according to the chart below actually were released before the current Astrodea line). This takes everything you love about the Astrodea watches and the quality of the Campanola line and puts them together. This is really the best of both worlds for me. You can see the impressive level of detail on the dial using all the Campanola charm. The blue star map rotating dial just looks so beautiful. Two versions are available in a round or tonneau shaped case. These models again are also very rare, but findable. These watches you can get for roughly double the price of the base Astrodea watch line. The chart below makes it a bit confusing as to when the Astrodea name actually came out. "Lighthouse" was apparently the name for Citizen celestial watches until recently. The newest Astrodea watches (you can get a glimpse of them in the chart at the bottom) that have a different case and bracelet design, but with what I think is the same face.

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The BR Heritage will arrive in two model sizes, the 46mm wide BR Heritage BR 01-92, and the 42mm wide BR Heritage BR 03-92. Each comes with the (very slick looking) new branded thick leather strap. The case itself will have a different finish as well. Instead of the more modern machined look as the original line, the BR Heritage will have a bead-blasted carbon powder coating on the steel case — giving it a vintage aircraft instrument look. Inside the watch is still the ETA automatic mechanical 2892-2 movement.

Oddly enough, you need to go to Ralf Tech's dedicated watch site, because their regular site has no mention of their watches. Oh, and their watch site is only in French. Honestly, a lot of their watches are really cool, but I am going to focus on just one right now from their WRX line (Subaru is gonna be pissed about that one) of watches. The main pictured watch is awesome because it has a perlage polished aluminum face. There is also a matte polished (is that an oxymoron?) aluminum face version. Perlage polish creates that pattern of overlapping polished circles that is highly reminiscent of high grade machinery. I've never see this type of polish applied to such an affordable watch, and never to a diving watch yet. If we are lucky, this trend will take root and slowly move in on the reign of carbon fiber faced watch that have absolutely saturated the market.

Most of the watches are automatics with Soprod movements specially made for Robert Lighton. The styles are all classic, and you can get watches in gold (or white gold), and in sterling silver for under ,000. That's right! The timepieces are for men and women, and there are also lots of watches with precious gem set bezels. The shapes are all classic, and the components of the watches are good quality including sapphire crystals, and leather or alligator straps.

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There you have it, about as much as I can muster up about the Astrodea collection without my mind going 'orbital.' It is really a fascinating collection as I previously expressed, but not a watch for everyone. Though if you are one of the people who is taken by this concept, you'll know it immediately and have probably already decided that "one of these watches will be mine!"

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Before talking more about the case of the watch I'd like to continue talking about the functionality, so such a simple looking watch, the Wave Ceptor WVA430J-1A does a lot. Four buttons on the case help with the operation which includes a calendar, stopwatch, world time, and 3 alarms (there is also a function to check the battery life, adjust the hands if they are knocked out of place, and for the radio signal receiver). The functions are easy to use but not visually branded all over the case. Some of the Casio G-Shock watches as designed to imply a degree of multi-functionality. This Wave Ceptor is sort of the opposite. Looking simple, but doing a lot. Each of these functions is operated using the LCD screen, via cycling function screens that any Casio owner will be familiar with. As is common in all atomic clock radio controlled watches, there is a lot of functionality and options there. You can set the watch to manually receive signals, set your area, and other important functions related to a watch that gives you the pleasure of knowing it is always correct. Casio has this aspect of the watch well integrated, but it will still require consulting with the guide at first for some education.

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See Celestial watches on Amazon here.Citizen Astrodea Stargazing Watch Collection Watch Releases

Citizen Astrodea Stargazing Watch Collection Watch Releases
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Citizen Astrodea Stargazing Watch Collection Watch Releases
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Citizen Astrodea Stargazing Watch Collection Watch Releases
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Once I looked further into the movements that Beaumarchais manufactured, it all made sense to me. This love of intricacy and parts working together for a greater piece of art.

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MM: Is there something special about your watch love that assists or compliments your career? And conversely, what about your career furthers or shapes your passion for watches?
DP: Being that my profession takes me around the world for performances, I need a dual time model. My Rolex GMT II Master has a 24 hour hand and an independently adjustable 12 hour hand, allowing me to simultaneously check the time in any two time zones. When traveling between Nice and Monaco and Brussels and Hamburg, being able to track the time in my current time zone, as well as where my family is, allows me to keep in touch while traveling and not wake up the family while doing so!

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At 5 this watch is a bargain. To keep prices low, Magrette makes some of the accessories and presentation materials optional. For example if you want the beautiful Kauri wood presentation box or New Zealand leather roll pouch, those are all available for a little bit extra. To get your own Magrette Moana Pacific watch or to learn more click here.

Jorg Gray JG 6500: The President Barack Obama Watch Review

Jorg Gray JG 6500: The President Barack Obama Watch Review

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Then you have the newer Astrodea Moon Phase watch (Moonsign watch). This uses the same theme, but focuses on the moon. This watch really has a ton of information as well. You get the age of the moon, lunar cycle (moon phase) , the positions of the sun and moon, sunrise and sunset and the sun's position at those times throughout the year, as well as the positions of the starts Sirius and Arcturus. This watch features two discs, one large disc and a smaller inner disc for the age of the moon (each month).

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SG3824-HS2159 movement Function :
2 hands in the center
12H : tourbillon
6H:291/2 moonphase
Accuracy : -30/+30 ; -30/+30
Running Time : 48 hrs After full winding
Beats per hour : 21,600 per hr
Jewels : 19 jewels
Thickness : 5.25 mm

More with the gray watches it seems. I've been writing about this trend pretty extensively on, but it has finally come to Bell & Ross. Actually I knew this since Baselworld back in March, but only now it connected with me that this is all part of the gray watch conspiracy - and watch companies are always bitching about the gray market. Irony?

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This watch is dedicated to the story of Kupe's Voyage, a Maori tale about Polynesian adventure and folklore. The story describes how Islanders first came to the New Zealand land mass to settle, complete with the trial and tribulations. It is  almost like a Maori version of Columbus, but without all the controversy and killing of the natives. These were the real ocean adventurers who traveled for thousands of miles not in galleons, but canoes.

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Here are some more variations on the new Linde Werdelin 3-Timer watch that will finally be available soon. As you can see, the handsome looks represent themselves well in various color tones. I previously discussed the Linde Werdelin 3-Timer here in gold. Here, the steel models show a dynamic range. From black to silver, and brown to green. The colors each do the versatile case and dial texturing justice. You can also see how the various strap styles meld well with the 3-Timer watch. In these images alone we have perforated leather, green leather, and brown alligator. There is also a ostrich and textile strap available. A lot of that though has to do with the ingenuity behind the Linde Werdelin standard issue watch case that each of its watches are matched with. This is due to necessary compatibility with the Linde Werdelin Land and Sea instrument devices that are meant to connect to the cases.

Other companies and played with this concept as a propeller, but Perrelet is taking it to the next level with the jet engine look. Cleverly hidden in the rear of the vanes are weights that help the assembly spin, but to the wearer’s eye, everything look symmetrical. The turbine is crafted from 12 blades of titanium. Hidden between the spinning blades are luminous hour markers. To enhance legibility, the chapter ring of the dial includes minute markers and further hour indicators. The look is really sensational. See the Perrelet Turbine watch video here.